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In this DVD watch and learn series Master Bookbinder, Peter Goodwin, demonstrates how he restores a Family Bible, an old 1819 half-bound leather atlas. He makes a springback account book from scratch and shows

how to repair the 'Humble' Paperback at home and by popular demand, the full bound leather book.


If you have ever wondered what goes on beneath the covers of
a book, these DVD's are for you. Books on bookbinding are notoriously difficult to understand and, with bookbinding, a
moving picture is worth a thousand words.



Peter Goodwin is an excellent teacher and TV presenter.He has a clean, crisp , no-nonsense approach plus a great sense of humor.


Peter Goodwin has been a bookbinder for over 60 years. He is a true master of
the old school. No book has defeated him yet! He is one of the last apprenticed craftsmen still in employment.

Born in Leicester, England, he was apprenticed as a lad of 14 to 'Boots the Chemist's' bindery in Nottingham where he learnt his trade over seven years. He repaired books for the famous Boots Library as well as making all the stationery and diaries for the company. Eventually Peter Goodwin emigrated to New Zealand where he became Bindery Manager for the Auckland City Public Libraries, a post he held for 14 years.

Now retired, Peter still works three hours a day in his tiny bindery in Auckland restoring family Bibles, minute books and paperbacks, as well as undertaking highly specialized albums for City Councils. When a truly valuable first edition needs restoring
Peter Goodwin is one of the first ports of call.

His worldwide fans think he should be made a New Zealand 'National Treausure'!


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